Thank you for visiting my Blog! This is my journey with petals and leaves.

I am new to the blog world, but I think I can really get used to this. Visit my site often to see updates on my photography and how the world is looking through my lens!

As I write this, the very beautiful Tulip is gracing our florists in abundance and I just have to have a bunch or 3 to play with.

Roses are on my desk as we speak and in the most delicate of colours. As I sit here looking at them, I am wondering what it is that attracts me to this genre of photography ? To assist me with the answer I start to study the roses and her petals, it comes to me:

” Delicate, form, shape, colour, the gentleness of the edge of the petal, it’s uniqueness in every way, the fascination of the stem and its structure.  And it hits me like a ton of bricks – “Not one is the same, not one rose or petal are identical”.  It is either because of the shape or the colour.  But, that is what is so beautiful – they are just not the same as one another.

How unique is that ! I come to realise as I write the texture of every flower is so different from one another.

                                               “It is unique in it’s on way”

From their size, to their shape, to their texture, to their smell, to their veins, to their colour, to their strengths and weakness, to their height, to their stem and their thorns or no thorns.

Each flower with attract some form of a bug, beetle, butterfly and even a bird!

“How powerful is that – and it’s just a flower”

I have to wonder and ask myself, was it the colour that attracted me to you? was it because the cosmos is blowing in the wind, to and fro and not complaining but rather loving it. Or is it the Dandelion that springs up out of no where to share it’s beauty with us? How special is that!  Wow.

Then there is the personalities of these flowers. One Dandelion among many stands up tall, head and shoulders above the rest and stands so proud. The Cosmos that mingle in their thousands among one another with that special one that stands out, because it is a different colour and the sun has caught it and brings it to life.

I LOVE to capture this precious moments, because I love the challenge of showing off this beauty to its very best. I yearn to display them and their full glory!

Stepping back and taking a moment to figure out what intrigues me about a flower or flowers assists me to capture its profound beauty.

Once I have found my bloom/s I take a few minutes to examine it in different positions, this allows me to find a story in its petals that I would like to reveal through my lens and show to you the viewer.

Sometimes, my macro lens is my eyes, to allow me to introduce the intricacy of the petal and the fine detail that the eyes does not ordinarily see.

Firstly, I decide who the star of the show will be and who will allow me to tell my story.

I then move around it to see if it is bending it’s head or if the petals are open or falling in a different direction  or   if one is curler than the other  or  a little more frayed than the other.

Then it is time to consider the light.  I always look for the glow, I look for transparency in the petals and the detail which will allow me to capture its form and shape.  I like to combine natural light with off camera flash if I need to fill in some extra light.

Which brings me to my most important part.  I am not in any hurry to dump my flowers once they have shown off their beauty. As they start to fade away  especially Tulips they begin to show you their ‘faces’ and their patterns along with textures. Half of the charm of photographing these delicate creatures is as they open and begin to fade away. I will click away everyday until they are no more. I am always amazed at what I see!




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